Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Rid of Virus

I have been working hard to rid my beautiful laptop of a nasty computer virus. I seriously can't figure out how I got it. Isn't anti-virus software supposed to prevent viruses? The three tech fellows I've talked to can't seem to give an answer I understand.

Anyway, here I was minding my own business last week, when all of a sudden I got this message: "Win 7 Security Alert" and it would not go away. The more I clicked on it, the more embedded it became. First I lost my Internet, then email, then documents... oh me, oh my. But I didn't cry or fuss. I'm happy to report that I seem to have matured and didn't carry on as if the situation were the end of the world. I ran a comprehensive Norton scan--twice. Restarted--twice. No luck.

Then... I fired up my old computer and did some Googling. "Rogue Trojan," it said. After studying the "how to remove" articles, I decided to bring my sick computer to Staples General Hospital. Carrying it in, I was definitely thinking positively, i.e. this is better than my body having a virus. Two days and $99 later, my beautiful blue laptop was declared cured. However, it would not stop flashing an "Alert" message from Norton. So I called them. Tech fellow said I needed an updated version of Norton, he could do it if I allowed him to remotely take over my computer. I took a deep breath and allowed it. He said it would take twenty minutes; it took an hour and a half.

Then... it wouldn't print. More trouble shooting... I was almost ready to buy a new printer... but then... like five minutes after I pushed the print button, the paper came out of the printer's jaw. Go figure. All happy again.

Then... Pictures wouldn't load from my website
They loaded up on my old computer. They loaded on my husband's computer. What gives???  Took sick laptop back to Staples, and no lie, this young man (couldn't have been more than 18), typed and searched, searched and typed. Then suggested I try accessing Internet from Google Chrome. My son had previously suggested I do that, so I said OK. Voila! Computer worked... website loaded... and it printed too.

Then... yesterday it printed half a page and stopped. Wouldn't print again. And the "mother computer" which controls the printer, wouldn't print either. So.... I got up this morning and did some troubleshooting. Message "A print job in the queue is preventing your current job from printing." Print job in the queue???? I'd cancelled them five times. Go figure. Pressed the cancel button on the printer and shut it off. Turned it on. Finally, we're printing again.

Can you imagine if your other appliances, radios, and TVs operated like this? We'd all be crazy.

Next post I'll tell you about my new book "A Woman's Tale In A Man's World."

Take care.


P.S. I am not saying anything here about the Patriots or the Super Bowl, because that brought bad luck last time.