Sunday, May 15, 2011

Northampton, Massachusetts

My son, Scott, and I have had a long-standing tradition of celebrating his birthday and Mother's Day together since he was born on Mother's Day. As the years have passed we can't always schedule our special day on "the day," but we always work it out. So yesterday we spent the day together. Northampton, always lively and festive with street fairs, protests, musicians, and "consciousness raising groups" was especially busy as it was graduation weekend at Smith College.

First, we watched his call-in radio show featuring two psychics. Then we walked around town and he bought a pair of Merrill shoes, which he thought were quite excellent. (An extra birthday gift, of course.) Then we walked around town some more, where I fell behind sniffing herbs at the Farmer's Market. Finally we settled down to lunch at Paul & Elizabeth's. I had a crab salad swiss melt and hibiscus peppermint iced tea. He and his dad had the special Fish & Chips, because the captain had made it in.

Then we went back to his apartment where he and his dad worked on fixing his bikes (yes, that's plural). I sat down for a much needed breather, and didn't even do too much snooping around. By dinnertime, my other son, Kevin, arrived from Vermont. We walked to Packard's and ate again... drank a little too, but not much. The Nachos moved pretty fast and the ribs and homemade chips were a "10."

We left "the boys" on their own and made it back to Duxbury by 11... a long and tiring, but wonderful day.

See below... Shirley and Lee at Psychic Show at WHMP, Northampton.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference

Salem, Massachusetts: a fabulous historical city
200 smart, supportive writers
Unlimited food, snacks, desserts... and all the tea, coffee, and water you could consume
Workshops, editors, agents, and big-name speakers from the literary world
Sunny New England weather in the 50s and 60s
A retro hotel dating back to 1925
A parking spot
An adorable young bartender who rubbed a lemon twist all around the rim of my martini glass
An ice-breaker scavenger hunt
A prize featuring uniquely-Maine trinkets: spa socks, coffee, candy, maple syrup, and a pine pillow
A book signing: photo features Michelle Picard and me.

Add up all the above for a fantastic weekend.

Hope yours was great too, despite the Celtics' loss. We'll get those jokers from Miami next time.