Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July

What I Did for the Fourth of July 

I invited all my closest and dearest family. I spent a week cleaning the house, yard, and pool. Ordered and prepared my menus. So Friday evening, after beaching all day, we enjoyed Maria's of Scituate Italian subs poolside. On Saturday, extended family arrived for stuffed mushrooms; lobster rolls; fried chicken; peppers, pickles, tomatoes, and cheese; fruit custard cream pie, apple pie, ice cream, and a cooler full of a variety of beverages. We played Bocce, Cornhole, and swam. We talked and laughed and hugged goodbye. It was such a wonderful day, I didn't have time to take pictures. On Sunday, Scott and his guest went to the beach again... then came home and swam. Meanwhile, I'd prepared Greek salad with homemade olive oil from my sister-in-law's olive trees... with rosemary roasted potatoes and barbecued steak. We all had the best time... still no time for pics... sorry. 

My darling niece did take a closeup of the lobster roll.

This morning I slept until 9 a.m. Life is good. My blessings are too abundant to count.